These days, air travellers seem to wear almost anything. There are those who travel in business suits, old jeans, pyjamas, sweat pants or traditional clothes. With the recent increase in airport security and the recent change in air travel rules, there are many people who wonder if the clothing they wear to the airport is important. If you are one of those people, you can rest assure because, usually, it is not.

The best advice is to wear comfortable attire, especially when taking fights in excess of four hours. This usually means clothes that are loose-fitting or that crush easily as you will be lying back for most of the time. Choose material that “breathes” to help you stay comfortable. Some take an extra set of clothes for the plane, while others simply dress comfortably for the trip from home. Avoid tight jeans, tight shoes, itchy material and other uncomfortable attire. If you choose to change into ‘flying clothes” there will usually be ample places to change at your destination, particularly if it is a well-known international airport.

Loose fitting clothes will also assist in security processing. Avoid wearing anything with metal as the detectors will go off and you will have to take that offending garment off and place it in the screening tray.

Avoid wearing unnecessary accessories, unless you are certain that they do not contain any “security offending” material. Security personal will ask you to remove your jewelry and other items that they think might contain metal. Necklaces and rings are often checked. Body studs will usually be detected and a search will ensue.

Most belts and many shoes contain some material which will activate metal detectors. Make it easier and less stressful for yourself and others by taking your belt and shoes off, placing them in the screening tray. Wear slip-on shoes or shoes that are easy to put back on while standing up as there is not enough seating for everyone to put their shoes on.

Remember not to take liquids in carry-on baggage unless it is less than 100 ml. This applies to deodorant and other lotions that you might use. Only take what you really need in the cabin with you.

There is one bit of good news with air travel. There are no rules on what to wear while flying. Choose to wear comfortable clothes and you will enjoy more relaxed travel.