With December just around the corner, several people must be already planning their vacation. However, many of them would be at a loss where to go. Invariably most people want to escape from the cold and chilly weather and are looking for a place where they can enjoy ample sunlight and warmth.

So, here are some vacation ideas for December that will help you plan your holiday this year:

If you cannot zero in on a place, then try a cruise vacation. Not only is this a dream-come-true vacation idea, you will have ample recreational activities to keep you busy and entertained right through the trip. In addition, you can also explore the various places where the ship docks and still spend some meaningful time on land. Cruises offer great dining experience, fantastic and comfortable living conditions and sufficient activities to help you relax. Even kids have a great time on cruises.

If you are looking to escape the heat and find some snow, then plan a trip to northern part of the US and Canada. Here you will find sufficient ski resorts and great powder to try your skiing skills. In addition, you can also have fun bob sledging, hiking, snowboarding, and lots more. Colorado is an ideal place for snow lovers. Alternatively, you can spend a great vacation at Lake Tahoe or Alaska.

If you hate snow, then escape to the warmth of a beach in Florida, Hawaii, Greece, West Indies or Mexico. Spend your time idling on the beach and getting a fantastic winter tan. Or, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling or surfing.