One thing most people plan to do after retirement is travel. For some reason, people rarely use their vacation time when they are working to travel and then plan to do major traveling after working for twenty to twenty five years. Traveling after retirement is a great idea however. You are able to spend more quality time in places, without a “set” schedule from work telling you that you must report back to the office in a few days. You can actually take your time and experience relaxation like never before.

One way many people choose to travel after retirement is by RV. If you are planning to travel across the country, an RV is actually a great idea for your trip. You will save tons of money on airfare when you choose to drive yourself across the country. Even if you want to stay in hotels some of the time, you can still benefit by having a smaller RV to drive around in. You will love being able to experience the country completely and will see things you would have missed if you flew from destination to destination.

Another thing you can choose to do is take smaller trips. For instance, if you can afford to do so, you can plan to travel at least two weeks every other month. So, you would be gone for two weeks and home for six and so on. This is a great thing to do when you are wanting to visit places around the world where driving is not an option. It typically only works when you have grown children as well.