Travel can become an all-consuming thing for many people. While some people travel annually, others look forward to less frequent travel. It seems that almost everyone enjoys travel. Having travelled to many places with work and for pleasure, I could easily just keep on traveling. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Here are several reasons people give for traveling.

To see new things and to enjoy new experiences. No matter how many times we see a sunset, especially a sunset in an unfamiliar place like the Austrian Alps or Western China it is enjoyable. To see Alaska, the Taj Mahal in India, Macha Picchu, the Northern Lights, or Route 66 for the first time is amazing.

Experiencing new cultures is a reason for some traveller’s decisions. It is impossible to know how many cultures exist in the world today, but what we know is that there are many cultures. Learning about them increases our understanding and appreciation of our culture. When planning a cultural vacation, confirm that you will meet authentic locals along the way. Perhaps you can learn a little of the language of the country that you are planning to explore.

Some people travel to celebrate a life event or someone else’s important day, like marriage, or birthdays. A short trip to Singapore or a cruise in on one or Europe’s rivers are great places to celebrate. Don’t be afraid to enjoy life’s precious times anywhere in the world.

Traveling to enjoy food from different cultures motivates some people. Imagine tasting Philly Cheesecake in Philadelphia, palak paneer in India, French croissants in Paris, or fresh bread-rolls with salami in Italy. The foodies have so many choices.

People are at different stages of their life journey. As travel becomes more affordable, there are more people traveling to discover themselves. Looking to understand who they are in the stillness and quiet of a new place drives some intrepid travellers to places like India and other parts of Asia.

Reconnecting with families is a prime reason for travel for many people. Make visiting family an invigorating experience especially when discovering your genealogy. Take plenty of photographs of your loved ones when you travel to create lasting memories.

So what kind of traveller are you? What motivates your travel decisions? What holiday destination do you find dream about? Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to plan your holiday to places and events that change your life. What are you waiting for? Go see your travel agent and see the world!