Many people take at least one trip to Europe in their lifetime. Others keep returning and enjoying the variety of offerings. Whatever your motivation is for traveling there, you have many options. Travelers to Europe experience history, art, modern architecture, landscapes and great people. Affordable traveling between countries is possible by train, car and air. Here are a list of traditional European destinations.


Italy is a country with amazing experiences for any traveller.

Rome known for its old (like Sistine Chapel) and new buildings, shopping in unique shops and other attractions. There is no end to the art and sculptures that can be discovered.

Venice is a beautiful city known for romance. Many newlyweds find their way to this exciting destination that offers connecting bridges over mesmerizing canals with boats of all shapes, romantic-filled nooks and crannies with opportunities to purchase interesting memorabilia,, and intriguing Venetian architecture.

Visit Florence with its quaintly decorated buildings and enjoy the trendy eateries and gift shops.

If traveling in autumn, visit Tuscany and Umbria and see the vibrant colours and enthralling history.

United Kingdom

London is a must-see destination. The attractions and available opportunities to explore are almost endless. Take a tour of the Thames and soak in the history and the beauty. Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral are simply divine. See the medieval architecture of the Tower of London, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace.


Visit Amsterdam and see the amazing way that the Dutch people have protected and extended their land by the use of canals and gates. Visit famous “flower and bloom markets” and enjoy the fragrance of freshly picked flowers as you travel to places of historical interest.


Berlin is the capital of Germany. It has had an interesting past but now the city is thriving with businesses, talented artists, and historical points of interest. The public transport system is easy to use and provides several options between most destinations.

Munich is considered an important city and great to visit during Oktoberfest or the weeks leading to Christmas to see the annual Christmas Markets. Also, an easy city to travel on public transport.


Vienna is sometimes referred to as one of the greatest capitals in Europe. Experience art history and wonderful people any time of the year


Helsinki the capital of Finland is a small city on world standards but has all the requirements for a comfortable stay. Travel there by ferry or air from many places and enjoy a young history of a friendly people.


Barcelona offers spectacular samples in Spanish art, fashion, lodging, and dining. Travelers can enjoy a great value holiday in Barcelona and Spain when planned well.

Were ever you travel in Europe, it will be different from home. Plan well so that you can enjoy the best that Europe has to offer.