New York City is literally jam-packed. It is the most populous city in the United States with over 8 million people living in the city. The city is also a prime metropolitan area and it one of the most-sought destinations in the world.

When in New York, you shouldn’t miss out on these:

#10: Hop on Board a Double Decker Bus

See the big city the true New Yorker way — a double-decker bus. Double-decker bus city tours are one of the best ways to go sightseeing. What’s good about them is that they are not your typical tours that literally require you to follow a stiff itinerary. There are usually two or three routes with more than three buses serving each route. Each route (or referred to as “line”) has a set of stops at the different NYC tourist attractions. The system is very easy: as a passenger, you can choose among the three tour lines; then you can also decide which stops you’d want to hop off; and when you’re done visiting the place, you can hop on the next bus that serves that line and proceed to the next stop.

#9: Take A Walk in Central Park

Central Park is a 843-hectare public park in the heart of Manhattan. Being in Central Park is literally an escape from the very busy New York environment. Central Park is the most visited park in the country having an average of about 35 million visitors every year.

#8: Indulge in the ever famous New York bagels, cheese cakes and New York Style Pizza. A trip to New York isn’t complete if you haven’t eaten these New York signature dishes.

#7: Party at New York’s Finest Spots

Night life is at its best when in New York. They have the finest bars and clubs that can surely promise a good time.

#6: Get in Touch with Your Creative Side by Visiting New York’s Art Museums

New York is home to a number of superb art museums. The most notable one of course is the Museum of Modern Art or what’s popularly known as the MOMA.

#5: Drop By Ground Zero

Ground Zero is a memorial built to honor those who died in the 9/11 tragedy. It is situated at where the Twin Towers used to stand.

#4: Go on a Cruise for a Different View of Brooklyn Bridge

Don’t just settle for the typical view of Brooklyn Bridge from a viewing deck or by driving through it. Why not take a cruise and pass under it too? There are a number of tour operators who offer cruises that go through the Brooklyn Bridge.

#3: Ride a Ferry to See Ellis Island

Ellis Island is a significant place for America. It used to be the gateway for millions of immigrants from 1892 to 1954. The island is home to a museum and it is usually one of the stops of the ferry before it docks at Liberty Island.

#2: Enjoy the Attractions at The Empire Estate Building

When in NYC, do not pass on the chance to enjoy the attractions at The Empire Estate Building. Apart from being the city’s tallest building, this 102-storey building is home to a superb line of shopping and dining options, an observation deck and it is also home to a number of notable tenants.

#1: Climb the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty is one of New York’s world renown landmarks. Standing, the Statue of Liberty welcomes thousands tourists everyday. Located at Liberty Island, you have to take a ferry to get there.

Nothing is as exciting as a trip to the “Big Apple”. You will literally be on your toes when you’re in New York City. But with the loads of things to do in NYC, you ought to come up with a list so that you won’t miss out on anything.