I have notice several things going on that are not very safe and I would like to address one of them. There is no way I can cover every unsafe practice I see but I do hope I can help you have a safe and fun summer driving experience. It doesn’t take much to think a bit before doing something that could cost your life or someone else’s life.

The thing I want to address today is passing on the right shoulder whether there is a traffic back up or not. I seem to be seeing a lot of this lately. I understand that a lot of us are in a hurry but passing on the right shoulder is extremely dangerous especially if you are passing a big truck or RV.

You cannot see what is happening on the left side of the vehicle so you have no way of knowing if someone over there has suddenly decided to change lanes half way past a truck or RV. The driver of the larger vehicle may or may not see you in time. The driver is only thinking of preventing an accident and you, being on the right side of the larger vehicle, are asking for lots of problems. The driver turns a bit to the right to give the driver on the left a little more room and you end up in the ditch or under the trailer tires if it is a big truck you are in a hurry to get around. I can assure you, trailer tires can cause a lot of damage to any car or SUV you may be driving. Please do not do this. Stay behind the vehicle until you get to the exit ramp or wait for clearance to move to the left lane and pass on the left where it is safe.

You should always maintain a 7 second space between you and the vehicle in front of you. You should also be looking 15 seconds ahead of you at all times if at all possible. The way to know you are being safe in following distance is to find something the vehicle in front of you passes then start counting one one-thousand, two one-thousand, etc. You should pass the same object at the seven one-thousand count. This will mean you have enough space to see the brake lights, react to them and apply the brakes in your vehicle. This also means you won’t rear-end the vehicle in front of you. It can also mean that, since your family is so very important to you, you are being safe and considerate of others whose family is also important to them.

Do this and you can enjoy a safe and fun summer traveling about this gorgeous country.