Whether you’re thinking of heading to the city of gold, you just arrived, or you’re just looking for something different. You’ll find an array of markets scattered around the nooks of the city. Some known, some not so much, and the others; just waiting to be discovered by the adventurers out there.

Depending on your taste they’re usually themed with varying pull factors whether it be, food-focused, the arts, crafts or clothing, however you’ll usually find it’s a combination of those and more.

Something that’s prevalent to most of the markets in this city is the theme of art.

Here’s a list of a few to get a hint of what’s out there awaiting you, whether you’re local or you’re new.

The Neighbourgoods Market

The next time you’re free on a Saturday and you’re up for taking your taste buds on a memory trip, head over to Neighbourgoods in Braamfontein.

Spawning in a student-dominant part of town, the Neighbourgoods market is where culinary wizards gather to showcase what delicacies they have to offer.

From your apple crumbles to your truffles, your biltong (jerkey) to spinach pastries, and your ‘pap’ n’ vleis’( a local favourite) to your various kabab’s., you’ll be sure to find something to suit your appetite.

It’s dominantly food-focused but there are some stall’s that also showcase crafts for sale such as the bamboo-shades, leather wallets and the sorts.

If you want more things arty, just go down stairs and head across the road to Kitcheners Carvery Bar- which is on Saturdays, a mini-market by day and a bumping club in the night -,where you’ll find more of your artistic items mostly made by the people selling them.

And as a nice background to the good vibes you’ll usually find live music being played there too.

Mini-market down Gandhi Square

Named after the famed historical figure, when one mentions Gandhi Square around Johannesburg, the image of noisy buses usually comes to mind.

But recently there’s slowly been a growth in traffic, not in buses but in business.

Where, in a 5 minute walk away from the bus station you will find a mini-market place, sometimes featuring some live-instrument music performers, but mainly consisting of a selection of art dealers showcasing their African-themed creations for patrons.

They mainly consist of things such as, self-designed t-shirts, hand-made wrist bands, handmade sandals, and earrings just to name a few.

Sort of like a bridge between Carlton Center (shopping mall) and Gandhi Square, it’s small compared to the others but the market still has something unique to offer.

Maboneng Precinct and Market on Main

Buzzing with a vast selection of things to do, and things to see, if you find yourself stuck on choice on what to do; simply just walking around the place will set you on a good start.

You can catch a bite at Market on Main, which similarly to Neighbourgoods, is a place focused on creating an attractive haven for food-makers to connect with food-lovers and enjoy some fresh delicacies of all sorts.

Head on upstairs and you will find an area centered around art, ranging from thrift clothing pieces, your bamboo-shades, photography pieces, handmade goods, and even an art gallery displaying the works of selected artists.

A great thing about it is the interconnectedness of it all, you come up from the ground with your food and drinks, head on upstairs to the art, then outside to catch a wider view of the area, go back downstairs crunching your way through the pebble flooring. Then up the road you go, where in a short walk you’ll find yourself in the Maboneng Precinct.

There are more spacious established restaurants. You have other people showcasing hand-made goods on the streets. The vibe is young and arty, you’ll see it even in the dressing style of the people. There’s a roof restaurant, there’s a back packers joint there’s a… lot going on and hopefully you can extend the list through your own experience if you’ve managed to come this far in this article.

Hopefully I’ve sparked your curiosity. All in all Johannesburg has a lot to offer, if you’re keen on exploring around you’ll be sure to find some hidden jewels in the city.