Are you planning on traveling abroad soon? Maybe you have family living in some far flung corner of the world or maybe you just want to get away from it all. Or, perhaps, a cruise is more your style and you are looking to sail the seven seas with a few strategic stop offs. If you are like most of us you would love to be able to take your iPhone 4 with you and use it. However, if you’re not careful it can be way too expensive to actually use your iPhone 4 overseas. So what do you do if you plan to venture outside the country and want to use your iPhone?

The first step to using your iPhone 4 while traveling internationally should be to go to AT&T online and check out their travel guide. Once on this page go to “Use Travel Guide.” When on the guide select the countries on your travel itinerary or even what cruise ships you will be traveling on. Hit continue and enter your iPhone 4’s phone number and continue. Next you will have to select the device manufacturer, in this case Apple, and the model of phone, iPhone 4. AT&T will tell you if your iPhone 4 will have voice and data service at your destination.

The next step for making your iPhone 4 affordable during travel will be to check out Here you will find international packages to match the traveling you plan to be doing. One such package is the AT&T World Traveler package. It is the best rate for the service provider in more than 100 countries. An example rate is England where, with World Traveler it costs.99 cents a call instead of $1.29. Now you have some idea of the coverage and per call cost in you destinations, what’s next?

The other important tips for traveling with the iPhone 4 involve regulating its data usage. The first thing anyone should do when traveling abroad with an iPhone 4 would be to disable data roaming. Also, the iPhone user should disable Fetch. Data ends up being the most costly service when traveling abroad with an iPhone. Besides just disabling data roaming and Fetch you should keep tabs on your data usage. Also, when traveling abroad with the iPhone 4 it is important to use Wi-Fi for checking the web or email instead of using the mobile broadband network. By using Wi-Fi instead of the mobile broadband network you can save a lot of money on data fees.

Here is how to disable data roaming, fetch, and check data usage on an iPhone 4:

* Data Roaming: Settings – General – Network – Data Roaming

* Fetch: Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars – Fetch New Data

* Data usage: Settings – General – Usage – Statistics

By doing your research and planning ahead there is no reason you should not be able to take your iPhone 4 abroad. Enjoy seeing the world and have the comfort of knowing your iPhone can come with you without costing more than the plane ticket. First, check to make sure the iPhone 4 has both voice and data services in the country of choice. Then pick a service plan that works best for you. Finally, conserve your data usage by setting your iPhone 4 up correctly and using Wi-Fi networks. Easy as 1-2-3.