Travelling for a living is many people’s idea of a dream life. But how can you go about making that dream a reality? There are many jobs that allow you to do some travelling, but here are a few options that, if you are lucky and hard working, could enable you to live life on the road, travelling from place to place, meeting new people and seeing and doing exciting new things:

Travel Writer

Of course, making a living as a writer is never easy. But with hard work and a bit of savvy, it is possible. Many of us write about travel from our own homes in between our adventures but the lucky few have managed to wrangle a life for themselves where they can afford to support a life of constant travel. Look into all options, on line and off, and always be ready for and open to new opportunities. You never know what doors your writing could open for you.


Another option is to join the crusade to save the earth. You could start by volunteering (in return for food and board) with WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) or POOSH, who match up volunteers with ecologically friendly and sustainable self-build house projects. Other options include applying to work on a Greenpeace ship, or with another environmental organisation.

Charity/Aid Worker

If you want to help others while you travel the world then perhaps you could apply to work with a charity or aid organisation, which will sometimes allow you to travel to some remote and interesting regions and do a lot of good while you are there.


You could get a teaching qualification and work contracts teaching English in various countries worldwide, or perhaps if you are lucky you may even get a gig working with a travelling family, teaching their children while they go round the world on a yacht or on long road trips.

Nanny/ Au-Pair

Likewise, wealthy travelling families may need a nanny/au-pair to look after their children throughout their adventures. Or you could take short term individual contracts and travel around the world from post to post. You must like children though and be good with them, as with this option you will be spending a lot of time with young people.


If you are lucky enough to have musical skill and are able to play an instrument well, it can open many doors around the world. (Obviously a piano or double bass would not travel well but something like a guitar would be perfect.) Busking and gigging world wide some people have managed to make enough to travel indefinitely. Perhaps you could join their number?

Traditional Vagabond

Of course, many people who travel constantly are working in a traditional travelling way: moving for job to job, soft fruit picking in the summer, say, and bringing in harvests in the autumn, doing odd jobs, manual labour or whatever they can find before moving on. Diversifying and being prepared to do just about anything could be the best way for most people to make a living as they travel.