Sentosa is an offshore island of Singapore. In the past, it is known as Pulau Belakang Mati. Pulau Belakang Mati is a Malay phrase, which means the island of death. In 1972, the Singapore Tourism Board held a contest to rename the island and made Sentosa a popular tourist attraction in Singapore today.

To visit Sentosa, you can take a cable car ride from Harbor Front. It roughly takes around 10 minutes to reach the island by cable car. Inside the cable car, you can enjoy the breath-taking views of Sentosa and the busy harbor of Singapore.

Nearly 70% of the island is covered with rainforest. Nature lovers will love Sentosa as you can find many animals and flora there. On the island, one of the most famous tourist attractions is the Underwater World. The underwater world is located at the western part of the island and it is home to over 250 species of aquatic life. There is a glass tunnel inside the underwater world where you can see the marine life up close.

Sentosa is also a good place for sight-seeing. If you are not afraid of height, you can go to Carlsberg Sky Tower, the tallest free-standing observation tower in Asia. From the tower, you can enjoy a breath-taking view of Singapore and Sentosa.

Other than the Carlsberg Sky Tower, there are other popular tourist attractions in Sentosa, one of which is the Butterfly Park. The Butterfly Park is home to over 15,000 live butterflies, with more than 50 different species. It is a place that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

If you are a technology lover, you can head down to CineBlast, which is a 3D extreme simulation ride. CineBlast opened in June 2007 and has since attracted tons of tourists and locals. It is equipped with high-tech sound and light technology, which promises to give you a fun and exciting ride.

Sentosa is also famous for its beach. One of the most popular beaches is the Siloso. At Siloso, you can enjoy a day of sun tanning, beach volleyball games, canoeing, etc. If you are the sunshine type, do head down to Siloso Beach.

At night, you can head down to the musical fountain to enjoy 15 minutes of performance. A show of lights, sound, water and video effects are featured nightly at the Musical Fountain. Entry is free of charge and the first show time is at 5:00pm.