Valentine’s Day is for everybody who has a special someone, no matter how long they have been together, and especially those who want to kindle their romantic flame. So start planning something special, and consider some unique ideas for Valentine’s Day. If you are on a budget, and looking for cheap Valentine’s ideas, then budget travel destinations could be just what you are looking for.

When it comes to a romantic getaway trip for couples, statistically couples are in favor of spending time in the south, whereas singles like to visit beach resorts. Whichever of these categories you fall into, you will definitely be able to find a way to spend Valentines on a budget.

Rio de Janeiro is one great idea for a singles’ destination for Valentines. The typical cost of hotel accommodation here is less than $85. Other possible choices, with their average room costs, are: Nashville ($114), Washington DC ($102), San Francisco ($113), and Miami ($182).

What kinds of activity might you expect for your cheap Valentines ideas trip? For the singles who enjoy the sun and sand, Miami has great stretches of beach, where you can check out everybody else’s tan. Or, you could enjoy the South Beach night clubs, or perhaps San Francisco’s chic stores, vibrant clubs or great variety of restaurant fare. Here you can snuggle up with your loved one while watching the well known romantic sunset, or maybe get to know someone new. Washington has many clubs to choose from, and 1 Street’s Eyebar is well worth a visit too. Ipanema Beach in Rio is another must for spending time in Rio de Janeiro, and here you can enjoy samba night clubs and open air bars as well. Mostly it is couples who enjoy visiting Nashville, however for singles who appreciate its music and clubs, this city is worth considering.

Savannah, Georgia is another great cheap valentines idea, because the average accommodation cost there is $84, and it’s a great spot for couples. You could also consider Montreal ($111), Bermuda ($180), or New Orleans ($135).

New Orleans’ carriage rides are a lovely romantic idea for couples, after which how about an intimate candle-lit dinner in the French Quarter, and jazz in local clubs. The south, in particular Georgia, is especially popular with couples. Have a romantic stroll in the evening, through historic streets and midnight gardens. Naples and Fort Myers also have elegant resorts and intimate inns. In addition, you can enjoy secluded beaches and nature preserves, as well as fine dining. Tourists, including couples, enjoy the Lover Key State Park’s attractions. Bermuda has beaches of pink sand and captivating little white cottages, and moon-gates of limestone made for kissing under. For nights out under bright lights, consider Montreal with its casinos, or for charming little cafes and cobbled streets, how about Vieux Port.

Married couples and singles alike who need to find cheap Valentines ideas can still have a great time on a romantic getaway this year. Make your choice now and book your trip as soon as possible, to be sure you don’t miss out.