Florida is the ideal holiday destination, whether you plan to pamper yourself with an extravagant vacation or decide to go for a backpacking tour on a very limited budget. A number of people who have been to Florida for a holiday claim that no matter how horrible their hotel rooms might have been or how bad a time the room service might have given them, they still managed to have the most brilliant time of their lives. The scenic beauty, the exquisite landscapes and the exotic wild life and marine life of the place cannot but please all those who visit Florida.

So, don’t fear if you do not have too many green friends in your pocket, you can still manage to have a gala affair here. While Florida boasts of a huge number of luxury resorts and five star and seven star hotels, it also has a number of places which offer accommodation to tourists at very affordable rates. You can get a room for as low as $30 on a per night per person basis. It might not offer you the best facilities but then it is as good as it can get for this nominal a price.

A number of high end hotels also offer rooms at low rates during the season when there is a low inflow of tourists. These discounts can be as high as 70% at times. The information regarding all these hotels and discounts is easily accessible online. You can even make the reservations online.

As in all cases, some extra caution will just be prudent. Under the guise of great deals a number of hotels might be providing you with misleading information. There might be hidden costs involved or the facilities talked of might be the products of an extremely creative mind. Online reviews in this case can guide you into making an intelligent and informed choice of hotel.