How to travel cheaply through Europe is not something I know a lot about, Yet… but when at about this time last year I had signed up for a tour through six European countries, driving a HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) I thought to myself, this is right for me, for a number of reasons, I had for awhile wanted to go back to my home country Denmark, to visit my now 88 year old Dad, and also visit with other members of my family. The fact that I signed up to travel by HPV, stems from my interest in Pedal Powered Vehicles. I was about 15 when I found a drawing in a hobby book on “How to build a pedal car”. It wasn’t long after I set out to build my own human powered pedal car, and when finished, I used it for a couple of years to deliver Newspapers in my local Farm community in Denmark.

I live in Australia and I have not been on a bike for forty years, so when I bought a recumbent bike to do some training on, I didn’t get very far down the road before huffing and puffing, I turned around thinking that this is going to be harder than I had anticipated.

I fashioned a plan to work on myself, both physically and mentally, to get myself in shape for such a grueling tour. I would see myself succeeding in every way possible, I started training on a recumbent bike, found on eBay. I would ride the bike in low gears only for a couple of month, to build up and train my leg muscles, I would use weights to train the muscles in my arms, perform squats, do stair step-ups, anything to build myself up for maximum performance for my tour. I realize that this is not something that you would do if you were just going on a normal European holiday, but this I don’t consider a normal holiday as it involves driving a Velomobile, that only moves by your own pedal power.

My new Velomobile is being built as I write this, I will be picking it up from the factory in Copenhagen in July, and after a shot test drive and final adjustment I should be ready to set off on my tour. In all I will be driving around 3300 kilometres, and I will visit six European Countries.

But before arriving in Leer in the northern part of Germany where I will be joining with 32 other Velomobile enthusiasts, my tour starts when I leave Copenhagen to drive 110 kilometres to catch a ferry to the northern part of Denmark to visit with family and friends. I then continue across the top end of Denmark to the west Coast and follow that to “Vejers Beach”. From here it’s on to my home town where I have an interview with the Newspaper that I used to deliver… for me it will be a bit of an adventure, and one that I am looking forward too experiencing.

The best part of travelling this way… there is no pollution, I am protected from the weather, carry all my gear in storage compartments in the HPV, no need to pay for gas, auto insurance, parking fees, or gym as I get to stay fit along the way.

If you would like to follow me on Tour through six European Countries, where I will attempt to travel as cheap as possible, then look up my web on the link below.