New York, New York, so good they named it twice, but did they remember to take photographs of the world-famous city? New York is such a beautiful place with so many unique photo opportunities, it’s sometimes hard to know where to go and take your vacation pictures. New York is the third most populated state (8,000,000 people) and the most populated city in the US, you know you are going to find something somewhere that needs to be in a picture, so, where do you go?

The Brooklyn Bridge is an excellent photo opportunity just waiting to happen, try to ignore the buzz of the traffic below as you make your way to the pedestrian lane. You can get some incredible shots of Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor and so much more. The bridge itself is a very photogenic construction and makes for a great backdrop.

If you want to take photographs of busy streets, why not head to Chinatown and experience the culture as well as the gorgeous smells that make their way from the shops and onto the streets. Take lots of pictures and marvel at a truly unique culture that plays a vital part in New York’s daily life.

Fort Tryon Park is another great place for you to be Mr. or Miss Shutterbug; from here you will have a great view of the Hudson River on one side and the Bronx and Upper Manhattan on the other. The park was given to New York as a gift in 1931 and houses The Cloisters, which is the park’s main attraction. Make sure you check out the view from the lookout points that are situated near the flagpole, the views are amazing and not to be missed.

You cannot visit New York without visiting Central Park, and this world-famous park is the ideal photography spot. You will be spoilt for choice at the Park and will have the opportunity to photograph the bridges, lakes, archways, meadows and so much more, not forgetting of course the John-Lennon “Strawberry Fields” memorial.

New York has always been one of the favorite places of millions of people around the globe. For an unforgettable vacation, check out the New York vacation packages that are available and don’t forget to pack your camera, get ready for a truly unforgettable time and look forward to the stunning photographs you will take.