An adventure in New York City is expected. Did you know that upstate New York is a place of wild terrain, white sandy beaches, relaxation, adventure and wineries?

If you want to see the way New York was designed by mother nature adventure travel on Adirondack Trail Byway. The road will carry through six million acres of protected forest that was set aside as a state park in 1892. The 3,000 water ways in the area will have you grabbing a canoe or boat and taking in the smells and scenery of the whole area from a different perspective. Adventure through the many miles of hiking trails that start from the waterways.

The area is protected forest but most of the land is privately owned. Making these forested wetlands very easy on the eyes. You will visit small townships that still remain historically correct, stepping back in time before the days of technology.

Coopers Beach has white sand is located in South Hamptons you can see the mansions of the rich and famous from this shore. The real attraction is the pristine beach, always rated in the top ten beaches in the country. Coopers Beach can become crowded so arrive early and be prepared to pay the thirty dollar parking fee to enjoy a swim in the ocean.

Adventure along the Seaway Trail will take you all the way to Niagara Falls westward along the great lakes to Pennsylvania. The trail will take you on over a four hundred mile journey. Traveling by car you will be taken through forest and shoreline with some of the areas of historical significance still there to take you back to a much simpler time.

This area of New York offers some of the best art and cultural museums, sandy beaches, wineries and will imprint into your mind the beauty of this great country. Shale stone beaches to sandy beaches with rock formations that will astound you.

Travel to the area of one thousand islands with many choices of State Parks to stay in a cabin. You will want to rent a canoe or boat and venture about this area to see the different environments on each island. Your biggest challenge will be which one to choose.

The Appalachian Trail travels through New York and for the eighty miles of hiking through the woods you will be surprised at the seclusion from the rest of the world you will feel. The woods offer access to terrain less traveled and even if you can only hike this area for a short distance your mind and eyes will thank you for it.