Fond of travelling but out of passport is an awkward situation. The only way to safeguard yourself from such a situation is to remember to renew your passport in time. Passport application could be considered as a complicated procedure for some as it involves several verification stages however the renewal is simple. Sadly, people still goof up the entire renewal process and therefore ruin their travel plans. If you are an avid traveller fond of getting your passport stamped frequently, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when renewing the document:

Don’t wait for the expiry date: This is a common doubt and therefore we are addressing it on priority. Most people start work on the renewal of their passport well after the expiry date has gone by. This is wrong. Instead, initiate the renewal process even before you hit the expiry date. Start renewing at least 9 months beforehand because there are many airlines that could refuse to accommodate you if your passport expires within six months.

Don’t go to random people: A lot of travellers use the online passport service portals to get their passport renewed. However, you need to ask yourself how many of these are genuine. What’s more is that these random agencies are going to charge you a bomb and still can’t guarantee that they will be able to get the job done. Instead, just opt for the government passport office. You will receive all the guidance that you want.

Use recent pictures: Your passport renewal application is most likely to get rejected if you are not using recent pictures. Don’t wait for one rejection to open your eyes. Instead, be smart and keep a bank of recently clicked pictures ready for use.

Document submission: These days most of the passport renewal application cases require the users to download an application form from the government website, fill in the details and submit the documents mostly by mail. If you are going to mail the documents, ensure that it is sealed properly. Also, use a traceable method of mailing so that you know when the documents are delivered.

Attend the appointment: Don’t take the passport application process lightly. Each time you make an appointment, ensure that you are available to attend it. Missing them unnecessarily will cast a negative impression on your application.

With these five tips you can ensure that your passport renewal process remains on track.